전통 타악 연주자, 연희자 겸 작곡가인 김지혜는  8살부터 장구를 연주하기 시작하여 국립전통예술고등학교에서 전통 타악을 전공하고, 한국예술종합학교 전통예술원 연희과 학사를 졸업했다. 그는 ‘세계 사물놀이 대회’ 문화부 장관상, ‘전주대사습놀이’ 풍물부문 장원상 등 각종 대회에서 수상했고,  2007년 ‘사물놀이 김덕수 예인 인생 50주년 공연’에서 솔리스트 데뷔를 시작으로 음악, 무용, 연극 등 다방면에서 예술 활동을 해 왔다. 그는 다양한 분야의 예술가들과 협동 작업을 하면서 한국 전통예술이 타 장르 예술과 어떻게 융합 될 수 있는지에 대한 탐구심을 가지게 되었고, 2017년 미국 보스턴의 버클리음대로 유학을 떠났다. 3년 동안 장학생으로 재즈 작곡을 수학하며 Fletcher Henderson 작곡상을 수상하고, 2020년 최우등 졸업생(Summa Cum Laude)으로 조기 졸업했다. 현재 그는 한국으로 돌아 와 2021년 3월 듀오'지혜지수'의 1집 정규앨범 "Hi, We Are Jihye & Jisu"를 발매하고, 국악과 전통연희, 그리고 재즈의 융합으로 그 만의 예술세계를 구축하고 있다. 

     Jihye Kim is a percussionist, performer and composer, specialized in traditional Korean instrumentation. She began playing Jang-gu at age eight, attended the National High School of Traditional Korean Arts, and graduated from the Korea National University of Arts. Her exceptional skill has been widely recognized as a winner of myriad contests and awards, including the World Samulnori Competition. Since Jihye’s 2007 performing debut with Kim Duk-Soo, she has worked professionally with a range of music, dance, and theater companies. During her collaborations with artists from these fields, she developed a curiosity about how Korean traditional art could fuse with other genres. This curiosity became a passion and led her to Boston where she began studying at the Berklee College of Music in 2017. There, Jihye was awarded a scholarship to study jazz composition, winning the Fletcher Henderson Composition Award and graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2020. She has since returned to Korea where she is building her career as a composer and performer, continuing to pioneer the original fusion of Korean and jazz music.


1Samulnori is a genre of percussion music that originated in Korea.  

2Kim, Duk-Soo is the founder and grandmaster of Samulnori



  • Percussionist / New and Old Music for a Korean Traditional Ensemble : Seoul-New York Connections / New York University, New York, NY / 2019

  • Percussionist / The Suit : Seoul and New York Connections / Bronx Community College, The Bronx, NY / 2019 

  • Percussionist / The Suit : Seoul and New York Connections / The Korea Society, New York, NY / 2019

  • Percussionist / The 14th Korean Dance & Music Night / Korean Community Center, Tenafly, NJ / 2019

  • Percussionist / Lecture Concert (with Gamin) / Brandeis University, Waltham, MA / 2019

  • Composer / Musical“하늘로 간 청.춘.팥” / Kangwonland Casa Cinema, Jeongseon, South Korea / 2019



  • Composer / Musical “하늘로 간 청.춘.팥” / CKL Stage, Seoul, South Korea / 2018 

  • Percussionist / Contour of Mask Dance / Folk Theater Pung-Ryu, Seoul, South Korea / 2018

  • Percussionist / Korean Traditional Music Festival / Promise Church, Flushing, NY / 2018

  • Percussionist / Korean Traditional Music Festival / Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ / 2018

  • Percussionist / Korean Traditional Music Festival / Anneberg Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA / 2018

  • Percussionist / Korean Cultural Festival Boston 2018 / The Korean Church of Boston, Boston, MA / 2018

  • Percussionist / Light & Beat : Art of Korean Drumming / Flushing Town Hall, Flushing, NY / 2018 

  • Percussionist / K-NIGHT 2018 / Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA / 2018


~ 2017   

  • Percussionist and  Keyboardist / D-SOUND / Seochon space SEORO, Seoul, South Korea / 2017                      

  • Composer / Musical “하늘로 간 청.춘.팥”  / Taebaek Arts Center, Taebaek, South Korea / 2017

  • Percussionist /Pyeong-Chang Winter Nan-Jang "GTA of Performing Arts”  / Pyeongchang, South Korea / 2016 

  • Composer / Musical “하늘로 간 청.춘.팥.”  / Arco Art Theater, Seoul, South Korea / 2016

  • Percussionist and Educator  / Dream Project Workshop / Institute Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia  / 2016

  • Percussionist / BK Jung’s Dance Project "The Arts of Travel"  /  Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, South Korea / 2015

  • Percussionist  / Musical “GTA of Performing Arts” /  National Gugak Center, Seoul, South Korea / 2015

  • Percussionist / Concert “문화사랑나눔”  / Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul, South Korea / 2014

  • Percussionist / Yeon-Hee Healing Concert / Nowon Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea / 2013 

  • Percussionist and Performer / Musical “Unemployed” /  Seoul Namsan Gugakdang, Seoul, South Korea / 2013

  • Percussionist / Musical “뛸판, 살판, 놀판” /  Busan National Gugak Center, Busan, South Korea / 2013

  • Percussionist / Yohangza’s “Twelfth Night” Seoul Namsan Gugakdang, Seoul, South Korea / 2011

  • Percussionist / 1st Place,  BK Jung’s “Thank you”  at  Dance Festival  for the Critics' Choice of Young Artists 2011 /  Arco Art Theater, Seoul, South Korea / 2011  

  • Guest Artist / Glam Up a Global Rhythm Festival / Miami University, Oxford, OH / 2011

  • Percussionist /1st Place,  BK Jung’s “On the Road” at ACT Festival /  Bilbao, Spain / 2010 

  • Percussionist and Performer / Viva Korea Fantasy / Gwanghwamun Art Hall, Seoul, South Korea / 2008 

  • Percussionist and Performer / Master Kim Duk-soo’s  “The 50th Anniversary Performance – Life of an Artist” / Chung-mu Arts Center,  Seoul, South Korea / 2007